I absolutely adore eyebrows.

By: lakeshabrandon

Jun 06 2011

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Yes. we love to play up the eyes, and wear bold lipsticks, and pack on the blush. BUT! Ask yourself this, what part of your face really sets you apart from all others? Your eyes! When people dress up in costume with have all types of special effects makeup piled on their face in movies or everday life usually if you recognize them it is because the fimiliarity you have with their eyes. So with that said, your eyes have a HUGE part in making you look like you. And what do eyebrows do? They frame your eyes, and in my opinion that is pretty darn important. In fact, great brows are so crucial, I have decided to dedicate a post about them. If you  haven’t already noticed =) Changing the shape of your brows can make our eyes look bigger, smaller, and even droopy. So we need to start taking care of those babies.

Plucking your eyebrows is a lasting change that doesn’t go away when you wash your face and take off all your makeup. And the great thing is that it’s something that can be changed so easily and can make a huge difference in your appearance.

To get started I would recommend sitting in a well lit area and as close to a mirror as possible. Now take a good look at your brow shape. I’m sure you all have heard this atleast once, but let me refresh your memory.

Ideally the start of your brow should line up with your tear duct.

Feel free to grab a pencil and place it on the outside of your nostril to your tear duct if you need a little help. You can get rid of any hairs beyond this line.

You can find the outer boundary of your brow by using the same pencil and lining it up from the outside of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye.

Your eyebrow’s arch should be located somewhere between your pupil and the outside for iris when looking straight forward.

Try not to over tweeze, and try not to change you brow shape too much. It is your unique brow shape and you should be proud of it!

If your brows are a little sparse…or you over tweezed =) don’t stress. Because you can apply makeup to your brows! (makeup always seems to save the day) The most important thing is apply as little product as possible, so that you keep a very natural looking brow. With your tool of choice (brow pencil, eyeshadow, brow gel) I recommend applying product in short light strokes in the same direction of already-existing hairs.

And if you aren’t particulary good at tweezing, I’d advise you to go a beauty salon and have them done professionally. It is a small investment ($10-$15) and the results are incredible, especially for those we are blessed with thick brows (i’m jealous!). Once your eyebrows have been shaped by a professional, it’s much easier to maintain them yourself.

Making up the brows can also be used to intensify the arch or to lengthen the brow.

Now…I’m not saying when people look at you, the first thing they should noticed is your brows. Your brows should blend with your facial features and only play a supporting role in your face’s appearance.

There are some advance techniques…we will save that for another time.

If you would like to book Phoenix Makeup Artist Lakesha Brandon visit her website! www.lakeshabrandon.com

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