10 beauty moves guys find sexy.

By: lakeshabrandon

Jun 16 2011

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Here is an article I saw on Yahoo today, interesting.

We asked, they spilled. Real guys dish
about what they find sexiest in their mates
. We bet some of their
turn-ons surprise you!

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1) When You Bare It All

Did you know that the average American woman spends almost $200 a year on her
makeup? That’s a shocking $13,000 spent over her lifetime. And the kicker: Our
guys actually prefer our skin sans accompaniment.

“I love how she looks when she first wakes up, ” says Keith, 36, of his
fiancée, April. “Fresh, clean, natural. I hate when she piles on that cakey eye
stuff. She still looks good, but she just doesn’t look as much like

Chris, 23, concurs. “I was actually drawn to [my girlfriend] Stephanie
because she didn’t wear makeup. She didn’t really look like she was trying to be
noticed. That was cool, you know?”

“She’s never as gorgeous as she is just out of the shower,” says Daniel, 30,
of his wife, Gina. “When she’s all natural, scrubbed clean, and walking around
in a towel — man, I love that. I actually proposed to her in that towel!”

“I absolutely hate lip gloss,” says Taylor, 21. “My girlfriend’s always
trying to kiss me with it on, and it’s so sticky! Seriously, why do you ladies
like that stuff?”

“Lip gloss is the worst,” says Taylor’s friend Rand, 22. “I can
never get it off my face! It completely takes the romance out of kissing because
I keep thinking about how annoying it is.”

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2) Your Belly

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably lost count of the millions of
hours you’ve spent doing ab exercises. And that’s the good news. The bad
news? Turns out guys don’t actually care as much as we think they do.

“I love her stomach!” says Derke, 30, of his wife, Lita. “It’s too round,”
she protests. He maintains that it’s “perfect. She’s soft and feminine and I
love that her body just fits with mine.”

“[My wife] Irene’s soft and curvy, and I love that about her,” says William,

“She’s got all the right goods in all the right places,” says Jermaine, 35,
of the “significant lady” in his life. “As far as I’m concerned, there’s a
reason they call ’em ‘love handles!'”

“I’m not perfect, so I definitely don’t expect [my girlfriend] Cate to be,”
says Ben, 29. “I love her, all of her, physically and mentally; I’m
sure I would still love her if she dropped 10 pounds or dyed her hair pink, but
I think she’s exceptional just the way she is.”

“She’s only gotten more lovely with age,” says Henry, 81, of his wife Edith.
“Neither one of us have the bodies we used to, but I love each wrinkle and
stretch mark. They’re a testament to the life we’ve shared together. I didn’t
fall in love with her because she looked like Ava Gardner (which she did); I
fell in love with her because she was the sweetest girl in the world, and that
hasn’t changed in over 50 years of marriage.”

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3) When You Do That Thing You

One person’s garbage is someone else’s treasure. Let me put it another way:
The right guy is going to find your weird habits absolutely adorable.

“She sings completely off-key,” says Ivan, 38, of his wife, Rachele. “It’s so
endearing. When she sings in the shower, it’s a beautiful, terrible
symphony that never fails to make me smile.”

“My girlfriend has a habit of twirling her hair that used to drive me up the
wall,” says Colin, 21. “Once we were dating a while, though, I realized that she
only does it when she’s deep in thought. Now it’s really cute!”

“She leaves her bras everywhere,” Phillip, 31, says about his wife,
Helene. “On door handles, over the shower rod — I even found one on the coat
rack once. It used to drive me crazy, but when she pointed out that I leave my
[dirty] socks everywhere, I realized we’re two peas in a pod.”

“[My girlfriend] Tiffany and I have completely opposite tastes in music,”
says Sam, 22. “I’m more Talking Heads than Lady Gaga per se, but even though I
only go to pop concerts with her to be supportive, I like that our separate
interests mean we’re both exposed to stuff we otherwise wouldn’t be interested
in knowing anything about.”

“She has a knowledge of celebrity culture that is completely beyond me,” says
Pat, 24, of his girlfriend, Caroline. “I never know (or care about) anything
that’s going on in Hollywood, but she’s can go on for hours about who’s dating
whom, and who just broke up with that guy from that movie, and what the new hit
spots are. I think it’s cute though; I mean, that’s her thing, just
like rugby is mine. We all need our own things; it’s what keeps things

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4) When You Toss the Dryer

“Amy refuses to leave the house without stick-straight hair,” says Steve, 23,
of his naturally curly-haired girlfriend. “It’s ridiculous! Every day,
she spends hours in the bathroom using that straightener thing. I wish
she’d leave it curly, at least a few days a week.”

We’re pretty sure that the “straightener thing” Steve was referring to is a
flatiron, and we’re even more sure that he’s echoing the sentiment of many more
guys out there: We like your hair just the way it is!

“This one’s spent hundreds, no, thousands, of dollars on relaxers,
extensions, perms, and color jobs over the years,” says Clement, 45, of his
wife, Cherie. “You name it, she’s tried it. But eventually, she came to realize
what I’d known all along: that she was blessed with beautiful hair

“Her hair was, honest to God, bright yellow,” says Jason, 42, of a bad dye
his wife had a few years ago. “I mean, it really looked terrible — like a
highlighter. After that, she stopped coloring her hair, and I think she’s never
looked better.”

“[My girlfriend] Danielle’s got really thick hair,” says Steve, 30. “She’s
probably in the bathroom about two hours every day, just working on her hair.
Which is fine, except she thinks it only takes her about 30 minutes, so
when we’re running late for something and she says, ‘Oh, I’m just going to hop
in the shower and do my hair real quick,’ it’s frustrating. Every hair does not
have to be perfect, woman!”

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5) Your Eyelashes

“I love her eyes,” says Trevor, 46. “Sometimes she looks at me under her
lashes and it makes me want to head straight to the bedroom!”

“Right now, her eyelashes look so fluffy, says Derek, 24, who didn’t know
that his girlfriend was wearing falsies at the time. “Her eyes are one of her
best features, so I love that her lashes make my attention goes straight

“Her eyelashes? Yeah, they’re ridiculous,” says Seth, 26, of his girlfriend’s
notoriously long lashes. “I actually noticed them right off the bat when we
first met. She knows how to use them, too! She just looks at me, and
I’m like, ‘Okay, what do you want?'”

“His girlfriend’s lashes are incredible,” says Seth’s friend Vik,
also 26. “I’ve gotta get me a girl like that.”

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6) Your Legs

This one’s a no-brainer, ladies: big ones, small ones, short ones, long ones,
they’re all good as far as the menfolk are concerned.

“They’re so smooth!” says James, 26, of his girlfriend Sarah’s legs. “I love
the way they feel. And when she wears heels? Forget about it. Her legs are

“I’m a leg man myself,” says David, 43. “I can’t resist my wife when she
crosses and uncrosses her legs. She knows it, too!”

“Why do I like women’s legs? I’m not sure I have a good answer,” says Nate,
32. “I just do. They’re elegant, you know? And smooth! Women always
have such smooth legs, and, as a guy, I guess I’m attracted to things that are
different, that I don’t have, if that makes sense. It’s why I like boobs, too —
cause I don’t have them!”

“Oh, I’m definitely a leg man,” says Lars, 51. “I don’t even care what the
rest of her looks like, but if a woman has a nice pair of legs, I’m down for the
count. Hey, your legs are pretty good. How about it?” he propositions this
reporter. “You could be wife number three!”

No thanks, Lars. But, we do hear
you, lads. If wielded the right way, a woman’s legs can be a powerful weapon.
Our advice? Take care of your legs, and they’ll take care of

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7) Your Style

Time to break
out the feathers, bright nail polish, and all those other trends you love,
because, fashionable or not, nothing makes you sexier than you being

“Sandy has a style that’s completely her own,” says Dennis, 51, of
his wife of 27 years. “She’s always been a free spirit, and I love that she
wears crazy hats and dresses over pants.”

Patrick, 33, loves that his
wife wears her bright red hair in a spiky pixie cut and refuses to wear high
heels. “She knows what works for her, and I love that!” he says. “She used to do
ballet, so she said after years of being up on her toes, she’s going to wear
flats from now on. Honestly? I don’t care. She’ll always be sexy to me, no
matter what she wears or how she looks.”

“I’m pretty subdued, so it was a
real change to date someone who dresses more flamboyantly,” says Mike, 44, of
his girlfriend Eva’s recent birthday outfit: a sequined, backless dress,
feathered hair-piece, and hot pink crocodile booties. “I love it, though. It’s
always a reflection of her personality, and she always looks

When Robert, 47, showed up for a blind date with Maggie, he
wasn’t expecting to be meeting the girl in the Shakespearean garb. “She worked
at a nearby Renaissance fair, and had just gotten off work,” he said. “At first
I thought it was weird, but then I was like, ‘Okay, yeah, this girl is
awesome!'” That was seven years ago, and the couple got engaged two years ago.
“She actually totally got me into the Renaissance fair circuit,” he says, “and I
love it!”

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8) Your Scent

“I don’t know
how she does it, but she always smells delicious,” says Brent, 29, of his
girlfriend, Cate. “Even when she just gets out of the shower!”

“I love
inhaling her right here,” says Damien, 35, pointing to the area of his
girlfriend Veronica’s neck right under her ear, where she says she applies
Burberry’s The Beat perfume every morning. “She smells amazing, all sexy and

Mike, 30, loves his fiancée Nadine’s Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise
perfume. “All her stuff smells like it,” he says. “I love when I wake up and
she’s gone, I can still smell it on her pillow.”

Tyler, 26, says his
girlfriend “asked for a bottle of Stellanude by Stella McCarthy for her
birthday, and now I know why. She smells incredible in it. It’s seriously like
an aphrodisiac for me. All I can think about is her wearing nothing except that

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9) When You Ask for What You

“Take it from me,” says Dean, 45. “The key to a successful relationship is
for the woman to go into every situation assuming that her mate is dense. Like
me and my wife. I don’t get subtleties. Our relationship improved ten times when
she finally stopped implying things she wanted and started asking straight

“My wife’s pretty bossy,” says Peter, 67. “But that can be a good thing. At
least I know what she wants!”

“I’m not a mind reader!” says Mike, 25. “I’ll be honest — I rarely know
exactly why my girl’s frustrated or mad at me. We finally had it out, and she
realized she needs to be more open with me.”

“My one complaint about my [new] girlfriend is that I wish she would speak up
more about what she needs and wants from me…sexually speaking,” says Adam, 34.
“She’s shy and kinda self-conscious maybe, which is fine, but I’m never sure if
I’m doing what she wants me to do.”

“I think directness [in bed] is sexy,” says Jake, 28. “When a woman takes
charge, it takes the pressure off of me and lets me relax and enjoy the

“Nothing’s more of a turn-on for me than when my girlfriend tells me what to
do in bed,” says Xavier, 36.

Moral of the story: In bed and out, make sure your guy knows what you like —
how will he find out otherwise?

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10) Your Job

“My wife used to be a professor of women’s studies,” says Al, 72. “I love
that her longtime passion about women’s rights helped her find a job where she
was able to help others appreciate themselves better and fight for their

“Maybe this sounds silly,” says Garrison, 42, “but I find my wife sexiest
when she puts on her power suit before a big meeting. I don’t know — maybe it’s
the fact that it reflects how smart and capable and passionate she about her
career, but that suit does the trick better than any French maid costume.”

“She works in an elementary school,” says Samuel, 49, of his wife, Annie. “I
love watching her with her kids. It’s absolutely amazing to see the way they
respond to her. And when I see how fulfilled she is in her career, I’m just so
happy to have married a beauty with brains, too.”

“My girlfriend’s in public relations,” says Hector, 26, “which is something I
know nothing about, but it’s very cool to watch her at work — she’s always on
the go. I really admire her and everything that she’s done. She came to America
when she was 14, and went on to graduate from an Ivy League school and have a
really successful career. Is that a turn-on? Definitely. I love that she’s

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