A Clean Face

There is a lot more to having a beatiful face than piling on beautiful makeup. What’s underneath is what will really give you the results you seek.

It is important to wash your face daily. I 2-3 times a days is what I recommend.  Once in the morning when you wake up before applying makeup. Once mid day, after work or school (if you have time) and once right before you go to bed. And even if all you did was put mositurizer on that day. It is still important to clean your face.

I mean think about it, you are walking around all day long all types of bacteria floating in the air sticking to your skin. And we touch our faces sometimes with out even thinking about it.

Sometimes you forget…I understand, sort of. But if you skip a nite please promise me it is not a night you are wearing makeup. pretty please? It clogs your pores.

So here is my skin care regimen. The products I use are fabulous finds you can purchase at your local drugstore.

Aveeno Positively Radiant facial wash- I dampen my face, apply cleanser to my hands work up a lather and apply to my entire face in circular upward motions. Rinse and repeat. (5-7 minutes)

I then apply a toner with a cotton pad, Active Sea Breeze Toner Deep Clean Astringent. Toners are an extra step to really ensure you have a clean face. Toners help get rid of leftover residues after cleansing the face. Now I have oil acne prone skin. So when I am looking for a toner I look for products containing salylic acid and other absorbing acne fighting ingredients. When speaking with other clients, I have noticed this is the step most often overlooked. This step is important! Using a toner after cleansing the face helps remove residual dirt left on the face. Also, once cleansing of the skin has been completed the pores tend to be open and therefor slight enlarged. As a result, moisture can leave the skin, which in return dehydrates the skin…AND WHO WANTS THAT?

Last but definately not least. I us moisturize my face with Aveeno’s Positively radiant facial Moisturizer.  YES! Even though I have oily skin I still moisturize my face…2 times a day! The difference is that I can’t do it the same way a person with dry skin or even normal skin, moisturizes. Not moisturizing is going to cause your skin to try to over compensate for the moisture its not getting.  So if you have oily skin, always look for labels that say “for oil skin” or look for words and phrases like “water based,” “light,” and “oil free.”

Pretty simple right? If you arent doing all of these things already dont worry, they say it takes 21 days to build a habit.


If you would like to contact Phoenix Makeup Artist Lakesha Brandon, visit her website. www.lakeshabrandon.com


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